More is not Better

by scoolservicesfundraising

Many people subscribe to the idea that more is better. When it comes to fundraising though, I can tell you that is just not the case. There are truly dedicated teachers and PTO/PTA parents out there that want their group to succeed and have all the funds they need. So what do they do? They plan a fundraiser for seemingly every day of every week during the school year. While well intentioned, all this actually ends up accomplishing is burn out. Only a little way into the year, they’ve succeeded in burning out the kids that have to go out and do the fundraiser, burning out the parents that have to support them, and burning out the teachers who organize them. I would wager that if you have been involved in fundraising like this, you can attest to seeing the profitability of each subsequent sale drop as the excitement and energy of the group selling dries up.

What is the solution to this problem? How does a group in need of funds put in place successful fundraisers that make the money they need, without burning everybody and their pet iguana out? The answer is actually simpler then you might think. Go fewer but bigger. In our experience, the most successful option is to do 2 or at most 3 big fundraisers where you pull out all the stops. Motivate everyone with prizes and incentives. Do your fundraisers at about the same time every year (that way those who support your group, the people buying the goods or giving you donations, are practically coming to you anticipating of the fundraiser). When it comes to fundraising, fewer and bigger really is better.